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Our Vision , Your Future

Welcome to Schemer Vision. This is Fact that with the joint Venture of Jolta Technologies Schemer Vision is dedicated to unleashing innovation by Simplifying IT & Hardware Projects. Schemer Vision developed in 2014 and distributed quality were for all android user. Our aim is not just to target Software field but also hardware as we are doing electronics & Telecommunications Projects will continue to build on our solid foundation of organic growth, with a strong customer focus, to deliver outstanding & quality products & solutions. Our long term alliances with same of world's best technology companies in the field of Software & Hardware help us to continue to evolve & grow value added solutions for our customer.

Today, the technologies may have changed, but the core values and expertise of our business remain as they always were - cost-effective and innovative solutions with fully supported design and manufacturing capabilities. We have established a platform for research and development where intelligent and hardworking personnel are working on different projects related to hardware and software development.


Schemer Vision Pvt. Ltd. provides a variety of quality services, including research, product development, design, assembly, testing and marketing. Electronic manufacturing involves different levels of automation, depending on the company and projects. Techniques developed and lessons learned in each field contribute to our ability to develop effective solutions. Our experience has taught us that our success is a direct consequence of the development of our company to achieve goals. We are also providing different programs for students to improve their knowledge and expertise in the all field of electronics.

  • Research Work

  • Product Development

  • Designing

  • Assembling

  • Testing

  • Marketing


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