Our Vision You Future

Ateeq ur Rehman

Project Manager @ Schemer Vision

(Major Works)

These are some highlights of his work.

  • Run Turtle Run

  • It is an ultimate Running Game build using andEngine. Managing hurdles in these kind of games is hardest task to do and scene Management is also a backbreaker. He managed it nicely to eliminate every leak in game logic. He is also working further on this project to make it more awesome.  

  • Don't Tap Wrong Color

  • Generating random is not a big deal, but generating random at random intervals that should be a proper fit in context for game logic could be a difficult task. Tough tasks of Loading and unloading textures, scaling and transforming them according to physics rules and avoiding memory leak are managed extremely well in this game.  

  • Card Puzzle

  • Logic that puzzle game requires hardly needed anywhere else. Attach a string to the sequence of images of alphabets that should appear that string in image form. What you should do for this. I am afraid it's annoying. The tip is "Break the string into charters, convert them into ASCII, name the image files that contains ASCII of that particular character. Then map them according to the required conditions".  

  • Notify Me

  • Notification pop up at specified time and you can kill it before it's appear. Multiple notification with same pending intent is considered impossible. it's nicely managed in Notify Me.  

  • Football Teaser

  • FingerPrint Germ Detector

  • Accurate Mind Magic

  • Pistol Lock